White Paper


The 2023 roadmap for DRIFE has been divided into four phases, each with a specific theme that reflects our vision and aspirations for the year.
In the initial phase, “Trailblazing towards Triumph” our focus is on establishing a solid foundation for a productive year ahead. Our aim is to create the necessary framework for the company’s expansion, both in India and internationally, by identifying new opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and investing in essential resources.
  • Launch DRIFE for Business app
  • Release NFT and Council Roadmap
  • Enable Bangalore Franchise staking
  • Onboard 50 council members
  • Form council chairman and senate for governance
  • Establish DAO structure and launch DRIFE Tech DAO for builders
  • Allow conversion of referral earnings to DRF
In the second phase, “Revving up the Engine of Success” we aim to build upon the foundation laid in the first phase. This is the time to implement our plans, launch new and improved features, and connect with our users in innovative ways. Our focus will be on expanding our reach, enhancing user engagement, and continuously refining our strategy to sustain our growth trajectory.
  • Integrate DRF into the DRIFE ecosystem to improve user experience
  • Reveal the first look of the DRIFE metaverse
  • Enable DRIFE DAO voting for franchises
  • Implement UPI payments using smart contracts
  • Expansion of DRIFE operations in India to multiple cities
  • Collaborate with the government and banks for EV support for drivers
  • Make DRIFE DAO functional for decentralized decision-making and governance
The third phase, “Powering up to the Peak” is focused on achieving new milestones. Our goal is to fully realize the platform’s potential, constantly improve the user experience, and solidify our position as a leader in the industry. Our aim is to take DRIFE to unprecedented levels of success, both in India and globally, through a combination of innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence.
  • Launch of DRIFE in international cities
  • Add decentralized features to the DRIFE app (P2P payments, decentralized data storage)
  • Partner with local companies and governments to reach and impact
  • Launch DRIFE Metaverse beta for immersive and decentralized interaction
  • Offer decentralized insurance through DRF for drivers and riders
The fourth phase, “Soaring to New Heights” is focused on maintaining the upward momentum established in the previous phases. The focus will be on consolidating gains, capitalizing on successes, and continuously innovating and enhancing the platform. This is a time to reflect on our achievements and look ahead to a bright future for DRIFE and its users. Through this roadmap, our aim is to provide exceptional value to our customers, create a meaningful impact, and attain our yearly objectives.
  • Introduce Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) in the DRIFE app for secure ID and authentication
  • Continue expanding globally with a focus on key markets
  • Launch DRIFE Forum for drivers and riders and include it in DRIFE DAO
  • Add new members to DRIFE Council
  • Enable City DAOs to become functional
With a growing team of experts across business development, marketing, content, and development, we are ready to unleash our full potential and bring you the finest hyper-realistic ride-hailing experience.