Embark on a journey of innovation and expansion with DRIFE as we pave the way for the future of decentralized mobility. Explore our roadmap to discover our strategic objectives and milestones from 2024 to 2026, as we strive to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry and empower drivers and riders worldwide.

A detailed roadmap for DRIFE from 2024 to 2026:


  • Expanding to International Cities: Launching DRIFE in Dubai and applying for licenses in other international cities, with plans for expansion.

  • Expansion in India: Launching DRIFE in two additional cities in India, further solidifying our presence in the Indian market.

  • Integration of DRF: Introducing DRF into the DRIFE ecosystem, starting with referral payments and the introduction of crypto payments for rides.

  • Empowering Drivers: Implementing a share and earn model for drivers, allowing them to earn DRF for various activities and data sharing, fostering Web3 adoption.

  • Introduction of Infinity Pool: Introducing the Infinity Pool feature, allowing users to stake their DRF tokens for different cities and earn rewards and membership benefits.

  • Introduction of Membership Rewards: Introducing membership rewards and benefits through the Infinity Pool feature, incentivizing users to stake their DRF tokens and participate in the DRIFE ecosystem.


  • Expansion in MENA Regions: Focusing on expanding our presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  • Continued Growth: Continuing to focus on growth in Dubai, India, and other key markets while exploring opportunities for expansion.

  • Building DRIFE Ecosystem: Working on building the DRIFE ecosystem, with a focus on empowering drivers and fostering Web3 adoption.

  • DRF Utility Expansion: Expanding the utility of the DRF token and increasing its acceptance as a payment method globally, not just for DRIFE rides but for various services.


  • Global Expansion: Continuing to work on global expansion efforts, bringing DRIFE to new markets and regions across the globe.

  • DRF Token Utility: Further expanding the utility of the DRF token and increasing its acceptance as a payment method for both drivers and riders worldwide.

  • Community Building: Focusing on community building efforts and strengthening partnerships to drive growth and adoption of the DRIFE platform.

This roadmap outlines DRIFE's strategic objectives and milestones from 2024 to 2026, focusing on expansion, integration of DRF, empowerment of drivers, and building a robust ecosystem.

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