DRIFE Council NFT is our unique approach to uphold the idea of ‘decentralization’ through DAO Governance, which endeavors the growth of the DRIFE ecosystem and brings added value to the DRIFE community.

As a DRIFE Council member, you will become part of an elite group of 200 members responsible for most approvals taking place in the DRIFE ecosystem, starting with approvals for proposal voting and franchise vetting. Not only this, a DRIFE Council member will get access to various features in the DRIFE Platform and DRF Ecosystem, which includes priority in Staking rewards, getting access to Treasury funds, enjoying various exclusive benefits, and much more!

The launch of DRIFE NFT is also a strong indication of our commitment to the utility of DRF (decentralized ride-hailing fuel). We believe that DRF has a bright future as a utility token, and it will continue to play a vital role in the DRIFE ecosystem.

DRIFE NFT is an integral part of the DRIFE DAO Framework.

Why NFT for Council?

We believe that there is a need for an NFT to exist in the ecosystem. NFTs enhance the concept of digital collectibles by providing holders with real-world rewards and other privileges linked to ownership, leading to both economic and non-economic values. Meanwhile, with Fungible tokens like DRF, there is no way or form to prove unique ownership, and their value keeps changing.

Purpose of Council Collection:

The purpose of launching an NFT collection is to ensure a fair launch and allow community members to apply to become DRIFE Council members. This process includes a whitelisting step where applicants explain why they should hold the DRIFE Council NFT. After shortlisting, they become eligible to purchase the NFT before the general public. The NFTs will power the DRIFE DAO, which is responsible for managing the DRIFE ecosystem and giving the community a say in the protocol management.

  • Note that the DRIFE Council NFT has a separate utility and significance for the growth of the DRIFE ecosystem, including the DAO. DRF token holders are eligible for voting, staking, and presenting proposals as part of the Mother DAO.

We believe in the power of the community”

Hence we created the DRIFE Council, a community of 200 NFT holders called Council Members that was created to offer a wide range of perspectives on the DRIFE platform and the NFT industry. As Council Members, users have the opportunity to shape the future of the DRIFE platform and NFT industry.

The DRIFE Council ensures that every user takes an active role in decision-making activities and policies for the community's future through transparent and distributed decision-making.

This Council ensures that the DRIFE community has a say in the protocol's management and prevents the DRIFE management team from making all the decisions. For example, any proposal must be approved by Council members before being available for voting, ensuring a fair chance for each proposal before the Council.

The Council is responsible for vetting franchise applications, choosing only the best franchises, and working on minimum staking requirements and franchise onboarding procedures. The Council has access to the DRIFE Treasury funds and can use these funds to finance various initiatives within the DRIFE ecosystem.

Finally, the DRIFE Council has the following abilities:

1. To set the strategic direction of the DRIFE ecosystem

2. To allocate resources to achieve the ecosystem’s objectives

3. To oversee the operation of the DRIFE ecosystem

4. To advise and provide guidance to the DRIFE community

5. To represent the DRIFE community in interactions with external stakeholders

6. To overlook the DAO governance and work on reforms

Utilities of DRIFE Council NFT:

The DRIFE Council NFT Collection is the world’s first NFT collection for a decentralized ride-hailing service. It is a significant development for the NFT industry and the DRIFE platform.

Total supply: 200

DRIFE Council NFT is designed to give power and ownership, but most importantly, the ability to be someone who will contribute to the changes in the mobility space, these are not just another NFT with no or limited utility.

Categorization of DRIFE Council NFT Utilities


"With great power comes great responsibility"

The most important role and responsibility of the Council members is to act in an unbiased manner for the growth of the DRIFE ecosystem, and it starts with every proposal that comes up for voting in the DRIFE ecosystem.

The proposals will be first scrutinized by the Council members, and only after their approval, will they be put to a vote by the DRIFE community members, where every community member who holds DRF will be eligible to vote, and accordingly, the proposal gets passed.

Every Council member will be eligible to become a chairperson to run the whole Council in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Every Council member gets a vote, which they can use to vote for themselves or for other Council members in order to get elected as a chairperson or for other posts that will exist in the Council.

To make sure that the best candidate gets the DRIFE franchise, every application that DRIFE receives will go through the initial vetting process, where Council members will look over the proposal and accordingly move the franchise candidate to the next level, where the DRIFE community and DAO will vote.


DRIFE Council members will get priority access to the Staking process in any new staking pool announced by DRIFE. DRIFE Council owners will get priority to stake their DRF, be it normal staking, LP Staking, or Franchise staking.

Another vital access that DRIFE Council members enjoy is the access to the Treasury Fund Allocation of DRF Token.

Council members receive a portion of each allocation that is given from the Treasury towards the development of the DRIFE Ecosystem. Not only this, but the Council members will also get access to one-on-one AMAs with the founders and exclusive access to all DRIFE events, supplemented by a closed Discord community and video calls.


In addition to the roles and responsibilities that the Council members will have access to, there are also some special benefits that DRIFE Council NFT holders will enjoy. The opportunity to make money from franchise set-up fees is the most important benefit received by members of the council.

Each time the council works on a franchise and that franchise goes live, the commission it receives from the franchise as set-up fees are apportioned as a percentage and credited to the Council for their efforts.

Council members will also receive promo codes and discounts on rides.

Council members will receive Profile Picture NFTs with Future DRF and NFT Airdrops.

Exclusive physical and digital products (collectibles) are also provided free of charge to the Council Members.

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