Business Model

Revenue Sharing The franchisee’s main source of revenue is the subscription fee from drivers (the driver partner). Driver partners pay recurring fees to the franchisee in return for access to the platform. Drivers have the option of choosing the subscription plan that suits their individual needs.

Rates are calculated based on several factors, such as country, region, and city, but are generally in the range of $50–$100 per month.

Revenue Sharing With Franchisor

The Franchisee keeps up to 70 percent of the revenue generated, depending on the location. The typical amount of revenue share is 30 percent of turnover.

Roles and Responsibilities: DRIFE will be responsible for:

Tech Infra Setup: DRIFE will set up the necessary infrastructure for your city of operation, so you can start with the launch of the DRIFE franchise in your city.

Tech Maintenance and Costs: DRIFE is responsible for all the maintenance and ongoing costs related to the technical infrastructure.

Training: DRIFE provides all franchisees with initial operating and marketing training and advice.

Operations: DRIFE provides Operations Management and Consulting to help you have a successful launch.

The Franchisee will be responsible for:

Licence and Compliance: The franchisee must manage local operating requirements and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Operations: The franchisee is responsible for managing local operations and marketing for the DRIFE franchise.

Support: The franchisee must provide local customer service and dispute resolution.

Revenue: The franchisee must share revenue with the franchisor.

Guidelines: The franchisee must follow all franchisor guidelines to ensure consistency across the DRIFE network.

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